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  • Pavement is our passion!

    For nearly 60 years the GemSeal team has been passionate about pavement products.  At GemSeal we pride ourselves in delivering outstanding quality products at a superior value that are available when and where you need them.

  • Why Sealcoat?

    Sealcoating is the process of applying refined tar or asphalt-based emulsion to a pavement surface to slow the rate of deterioration. The benefits gained from properly sealcoating these surfaces range from cost savings and improved aesthetics to structural protection. GemSeal products help protect your asphalt surfaces against damaging effects caused by UV rays, salts, oils, hydraulic fluid, and permeating gas.
  • Why Choose GemSeal?

    GemSeal provides top quality products to protect asphalt pavement. All of our sealers are manufactured in a continuous colloid mill rather than in batches. This benefit, in-hand with our quality control process, ensures predictability, consistency, and high quality with every sealer we make.


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GemSeal Stands for Quality and Superior Customer Service.

Pavement is our Passion! We have nearly sixty years of experience with asphalt repair materials, primers, bonding agents, striping paint and tools/equipment for the applicator. GemSeal is a leading innovator in asphalt and blacktop repair which includes prolonging the life of your asphalt with: Pavement sealers, asphalt coatings and sealers, sealcoating supplies, asphalt maintenance solutions and parking lot maintenance programs. GemSeal has seventeen locations which provide coverage from coast-to-coast. Learn more about GemSeal on our GemSeal Story Page.

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